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Earth is dying, and humans need to find a new home before the planet becomes unable to sustain life. Among the Reverie project’s top researchers is Dr. John Verona, a brilliant scientist who tinkers with artificial intelligence in his spare time. While he works on the plans to evacuate his fellow citizens, his girlfriend, nurse Clio Lawrence, contemplates her role in his life. Despite Earth’s inevitable demise, she’s desperate for a family of her own, and wonders if the path to her goals lies with John and his two android “daughters”. Will he be able to meet her intimate needs while ensuring a future for the rest of humanity?

Three countries, three women, three stories: Set between five and ten years before the events in Disintegration, this collection focuses on the past experiences of the novel’s female characters before circumstances bring them together. Each is of a different age and background. They have a variety of goals and dreams, ranging from living a quiet, stable life to achieving respect in the bureaucratic power structure. Despite the contrast in their beliefs, they share similarities in their strength and passion. Will they find all they desire, even as war threatens to tear their homes apart?
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