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Monday, April 8, 2013

Keeping with the Alternating

I finished some writing projects, so you know what time it is......OMG VIDEO GAMES.

*cough* Ahem.

I started Mass Effect 2 on Saturday. I wasn't thrilled with all the gameplay changes (though I am getting used to them), but damn, the story hooked me right away. With the first one, I played some here, played some there, and got through it in a reasonable amount of time. With this game, I'm reaching Dragon Age 2 levels of "I MUST know what happens!" and devoting a giant chunk of my free time to playing it. I played for waaaaaaaay too many hours yesterday. It's okay, I didn't need to move my neck for anything today.

The sentimental part of me gets super excited when I run into one of my old teammates. (Even though I like a lot of the new characters. And - Yvonne Strahovski! Wooo!) The romantic in me is still pining over my boyfriend from the first game, and I'll probably see that relationship out to the very end. (Though nothing will ever compare to the passion I felt for my boyfriend Anders in Dragon Age 2.) Like I said, the plot grabbed me right off the bat, so good for the writing team there. I can always justify my time spent gaming as research and inspiration for writing!


  1. It totally is! It's both relaxing AND creatively stimulating. Anders is a great name. I'm adding that to my name collection.

    1. It is a great name! I'm fond of the whole And- series of names. I also used to keep name lists, but I let it lapse a few years ago - I've been meaning to go back to that!