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A Flame Among the Stars

Decadent Publishing LLC 2022

Can Meg and Princess Celendra defend their home from dragons and find a way to be together, even if Celendra ascends the throne?


Really enjoyed this cute story. Full of love and dragon drama! The interactions amongst the characters and love between the two women were wonderful. A nice read!

- poulie and moolie, Amazon Reviewer

It has everything you'd ever want in a lesbian adventure. You'll love it!

- Jaime, Amazon Reviewer

I loved this book! It’s a quick read, light on its feet, with lovable characters and a wonderful pair at its center! There are enough twists to keep you guessing, and a thoroughly satisfying conclusion. Buy it and read it now!

- Nouh Bdee, Amazon Reviewer

The kingdom of Dardrith is under attack from hordes of juvenile dragons. When the king offers marriage to his daughter as a reward to whoever can discover the source of the dragons and prevent future infestations, Meg’s best friend, Ronan, convinces her to help him win the ultimate prize and save their families from a lifetime of poverty. Despite her initial reluctance, they also enlist the aid of Ronan’s sister, the village blacksmith, and a stranger Meg meets in the local marketplace.

The band of aspiring heroes doesn’t travel far before the identity of the stranger is exposed; she is none other than the king’s daughter herself, Princess Celendra. Aside from being the heir to the throne, Celendra is keeping some other secrets. During a battle with a group of dragons, she reveals she has magical powers, the ability to conjure and manipulate elements such as fire and water. Furthermore, she confesses that, like Meg, she would prefer to pursue romantic relationships with other women, which she hasn’t told her father.

As they journey throughout the land, Meg and Celendra embark on a passionate fling, though Meg tries not to form any deep emotional attachment to the princess due to their respective social classes. Following revelations about the dragon attacks and her family history, Celendra must choose between doing what’s expected of her or taking charge of her own destiny. The future of Dardrith is at stake. Can Meg and Celendra find a way to remain together while protecting the people and home they love?