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Blazing Justice

Enchant & Excite Media LLC 2020

One murder case. Three sizzling endings. Which will you choose?


While this story is definitely a romantic mystery, I really appreciated how the mystery got solved and there was plenty of time for the relationship between Celeste and the suitor the reader chose to become intimate.

- Judy & Marianne, Custom

Loved this book! Each ending is amazing in its own way! Definitely a fun sexy read!

- Dro, Amazon Reviewer

There was no way I could give this book anything less than five stars. It was sexy, suspenseful and unique. I think this should be a book that everyone checks out.

- Bella, Custom

One murder case, three sizzling endings…

In the suburbs of New York City, prosecutor Celeste McConnell is called to a crime scene in the middle of the night. The gruesome stabbing is the most brutal murder the quiet little town has seen in many years, and both the police and the District Attorney’s office are determined to arrest and convict the killer. Celeste is resolved to follow the proper procedures and seek justice for the victim, but as the case progresses, she wants to be sure the right person is held accountable for the crime.

Choose Celeste’s path in her quest for the truth and decide who she can trust the most. Whether she follows the lead of her suave, assertive boss at work, confides in the charming and sweet detective assigned to the case, or embarks on a thrilling adventure with the potentially dangerous murder suspect, each unique ending offers an unforgettable night of passion for Celeste and her chosen partner, as well as a conclusion to the murder case that brought them together.