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Conquering the Skies

Decadent Publishing LLC 2023

Weddings, new jobs and travels to distant planets take Geneva on more adventures, but will she ever find a place to call home?


This is the final book in the series, and it is a fabulous conclusion to Geneva's story.

- Goddess of Chaos, Amazon Reviewer

The last book in the series, left me feeling good about the characters and the ending. The story neatly tied up all the characters for me.

- simon Taylor, Amazon Reviewer

Life on Pasurea has been going well for Geneva Greyson, despite her complicated history with her native planet. As a private investigator, she helped expose a crime ring at one of the capital’s top accounting firms, leading to accolades from her boss, Renae. She and Ash have maintained their long-distance relationship, and their intimate encounters sometimes include close friends Marcus and Adele.

Change is on the horizon, however, beginning with Ash’s decision to leave the military. Geneva is thrilled to have him with her, but hopes he’ll be able to adapt to civilian life in an unfamiliar city. Marcus pays her an unexpected visit to tell her about Adele’s obvious hints at expecting a marriage proposal soon, and he needs to sort through his emotional ties to both women. Lastly, Renae announces her plans for retirement, though she has yet to determine what will happen to Platinum Security Solutions.

Throughout all the disruption in her usual routines and her friends’ lives, Geneva must chart her own course to shape the future she wants. Good advice can come from surprising places, and her mother Dahlia offers some suggestions she hadn’t considered. Weddings, career changes, and travels to distant planets take her on more thrilling adventures as she keeps searching for a place in the galaxy to call home, but will she ever find where she belongs?