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Fire Beyond the Frost

Decadent Publishing LLC 2019

An unexpected fling with another woman on a frozen planet makes Catalina wonder–do all good things really have to come to an end?


Sweet and spicy story that definitely has a strong erotic element, but also a good romance story as well.

- Nate R, Amazon Reviewer

This was a great story with wonderful characters. It was the first book by Thea Landen I have read, but I doubt very much that it will be the last. Definitely recommended by me.

- Merissa, Goodreads Reviewer

In a word, this book is excellent! Just enough syfy to keep you going, just enough flirting to keep you interested, and just enough passion to make this the perfect book to warm you on the cold winter nights to come!

- Taliesin Govannon, Goodreads Reviewer

Following a failed relationship with her supervisor at work, Dr. Catalina Frost volunteers her services with a charitable organization providing medical aid to those in need. In her first journey away from her home planet of Earth, she travels to the opposite end of the galaxy to the icy world of Ruvuk. Dismal weather conditions and an unfamiliar species of aliens take her far outside her comfort zone, but she’s determined to fulfil her obligations.

When Sari, a human settler on Ruvuk, first heard about a doctor being assigned to lend assistance to her health clinic in a remote village, she never expected the gorgeous woman who walks through her door. She introduces her to the planet’s ways of life and is impressed by her skills and experience. Though she drops hints about her growing attraction to Catalina, she’s shocked when those feelings are reciprocated.

The pair embarks on a romantic fling, but the definitive end date of Catalina’s assignment approaches quickly. She wants to plan for the future, but Sari has been hurt by false promises before and asks that they simply enjoy the time they have left. Will they each return to their separate lives, or can they find a way to reunite somewhere in the galaxy?