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Hunting Astrid

Decadent Publishing LLC 2020

Tabitha can have all she wants if she fights through Astrid’s simulated worlds. Can she successfully hunt her down?


A virtual game of capture the flag, only the flag is the woman you are interested in, and the prize is your dream job and a night with your dream woman? Sign me up!

- Michelle, Custom

This is a super-quick, satisfying science-fiction read. My only complaint? I needed more!

- akbroome90, Amazon Reviewer

This is an imaginative sci-fi romance where the imaginary world and the romance are equally important and equally detailed...This one could’ve been twice the length and we’d totally have read it in one sitting.

- , Custom

Astrid Carlisle enjoys her job at Satera Industries, the massive interplanetary organization whose enigmatic leader is concerned with profits first and legalities second. Stationed at company headquarters, she can stay out of harm’s way while making good use of her programming skills and keen eye for talent acquisition. Unfortunately, both the busy nature of her work and her office’s remote location leave her feeling dissatisfied with her personal life.

Fresh out of the Central United Space Marines, Tabitha Knox is ready for change, hoping the next stage in her career can take place in the private sector. Employment with Satera Industries would offer her the exciting, fast-paced work she craves, with generous financial compensation to match. All she has to do is get through the rigorous screening process and prove her worth.

The two women meet during the early stages of Tabitha’s application, and their mutual attraction is instant. However, Astrid has been hurt in the past and is cautious about moving too quickly, leading her to devise a plan. She suggests the pair enter the simulations used to test applicants and fight their way through the various environments. If Tabitha can successfully track her down in each phase, she’ll win the ultimate prize: a lucrative job, plus Astrid’s trust and submission. Everything she wants is within reach, but will she be able to achieve her dreams while hunting Astrid?