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Searching the Skies

Decadent Publishing LLC 2023

Geneva is torn between her fellow officer, Ash, and her childhood friend, Marcus. She can’t choose between them. Maybe she doesn’t have to.


Another enjoyable story that was fun, hot and spicy and had a little action in it as well. I like this author's writing style, her characters are always entertaining and the storylines are amazing!

- Kathleen Bulfon, Amazon Reviewer

Interesting storyline. Sometimes family will do anything to reconnect. Love will find a way to squeeze into the middle of all that.

- JoSky, Amazon Reviewer

Geneva, Marcus and Ash are amazing characters. It was interesting with how their relationship started and developed. This is a well written read with well fleshed out characters and an entertaining plotline.

- Book_Lover_97, Amazon Reviewer

Commander Geneva Greyson has spent the past ten years focused on her career, moving up the ranks with the Terran military. Following a high-stakes mission on a planet filled with violent aliens, she struggles to fight her growing attraction to her fellow officer, Ash. She eventually gives in to temptation, but their time together is short-lived, as she is summoned home by her estranged parents.

The planet of Pasurea sits at the center of the Terran empire. It’s inhabited by the wealthiest and most influential residents of the galaxy, and the Greysons are no exception. In an effort to ease some of the awkwardness of their reunion, Geneva’s mother invites Marcus, her childhood friend who is now a successful businessman. Though he has been looking forward to seeing her again for the first time in nearly a decade, she is too angry at the circumstances that tore her away from her ship to reciprocate his efforts to rekindle their friendship. His persistence wins her over, however, and she enjoys his intimate company before returning to her post against her parents’ wishes.

Difficult decisions plague Geneva, and she believes she will never find a solution to her problems that will please everyone. Convinced she’s bound to disappoint at least one person, she plans to distance herself from those close to her. Before she can make her escape, Ash and Marcus conspire to present her with an enticing offer to continue seeing both of them romantically, but is it too good to be true?