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Sonata for Springtime

Decadent Publishing LLC 2023

Jonathan falls in love with Natalie during their piano lessons, but she’s engaged to someone else. Can he find his passion without her?


This is a S-L-O-W B-U-R-N, and the dozens of escalating flirtations and introspection and internal second-guessing had me gasping in the best ways!

- evan j. austin, Amazon Reviewer

Though he admits they’re not exciting, Jonathan is comfortable with his routines and habits: go to work at his job as an estate attorney, take occasional trips to the supermarket or dry cleaners, and help his elderly neighbor with her dog. When a pair of musicians moves in across the street, he looks forward to making new friends closer to his age.

Natalie dreams of one day being a concert pianist, but she’s put those dreams on hold while her fiancé Chris and his band start gaining recognition and playing for bigger audiences.

While searching for clients, Natalie convinces Jonathan to let her give him piano lessons. They spend more and more time together, and he appreciates getting to know his new neighbor. Despite his efforts to deny it, Jonathan eventually accepts he’s developed romantic feelings for her. Guilt plagues him, as he remains friendly with Chris as well, yet he can’t keep away from them.

After Natalie reveals his illicit desires are reciprocated, she becomes distraught and cuts off all contact. Jonathan tries to camouflage how heartbroken he is, but when his friends and coworkers notice, he commits to making a bigger change in his life. Although he enjoys his new hobbies and the people he’s met, he can’t fully forget Natalie and the moments they shared. Can Jonathan find a way to discover his inner passion, with or without her?