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Surrendering the Skies

Decadent Publishing LLC 2023

Trouble with work and changes in her love life leave Geneva feeling lost in the universe. Can she get back on the right path?


A well-written third book in the series. Geneva has a relationship with two but there are problems. Can't wait for the next book.

- Sandra Singleton, Goodreads Reviewer

This is a brilliant series, and I find that the more I read the more I can’t put the books down. The characters are believable and the storyline flows very well.

- Fiona, Goodreads Reviewer

Geneva and her guys' story continues in this third book of the Searching Skies series. They are facing challenges with ups and downs. It has great action, drama, and spice. This was a great continuation of the series.

- Kathryn, Goodreads Reviewer

Commander Geneva Greyson has everything she’s ever wanted—a successful career with the Terran military and a loving relationship with the two men of her dreams. When she and Ash are assigned to a remote location with their teams for nine months, they’re disappointed to be so far away for so long, but vow to Marcus to do everything they can to maintain their connection with him while they’re gone. The military base on the desolate planet is bleak and dreary, but they find ways to include him in their intimate encounters.

An accident at the base destroys the communication systems, leaving the soldiers with no way to send or receive messages. Upon their return to the ship, Geneva and Ash are thrilled to be able to finally contact Marcus, but when they do, he has surprising news for them: in their absence, he has started dating another woman, Adele. He swears he never intended to hurt anyone’s feelings, and they have no choice but to accept the change in their circumstances.

With some hesitation, they agree to meet Adele, and Geneva begrudgingly admits she’s a good match for her former lover. When she learns that Marcus has omitted details about their past relationship—most significantly, his own history with Ash—Geneva is upset, but Ash warns her not to reveal too much. Soon after their return to duty, tragedy strikes for Ash and his family, and military regulations prevent her from being by his side.

The upheaval in Geneva’s personal life highlights the dissatisfaction that had been creeping into her work since she helped rescue Marcus after the terrorist attack. She wonders if the military is still the right place for her, yet the idea of abandoning the only career she’s ever known fills her with anxiety. Can she find a way to return to the ways of life she used to enjoy, or is it time for her to set out on a new path, with or without the men she loves?