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The Edge of the Sphere

Enchant & Excite Media LLC 2024

After discovering a strange stone in the woods, Stephen dreams of a mysterious woman held prisoner in another world. Can he find her and rescue her?


Lots of steam and a very interesting premise with fantasy magic. Really nice world building and I was able to connect with both main characters.

- Robin P., Amazon Reviewer

My ideal romance combines sweetness and spice. This book has both <3. The story line is fun and kept me wanting to turn to the next page.

- Joe, Amazon Reviewer

I truly enjoyed reading this book. Every page had me glued wanting more.

- Barbarba, Goodreads Reviewer

Following a near-fatal accident, artist Stephen MacClare moves out of Manhattan to upstate New York, interacting only with his sister and the residents of nearby towns where he tries to sell his paintings. When he finds a strange stone in the woods near his home, he dreams of a beautiful woman every time he falls asleep. She cannot speak, yet they quickly form an intimate bond. Unsure of whether she is real or fantasy, he vows to find her, no matter the cost.

Liora is a prisoner of Thirvar, the cruel and fearsome ruler of the kingdom of Marindal. She has no memory of life before her capture, but is tasked with maintaining the magical barrier that keeps Marindal safe. A mysterious sphere beneath her isolated cottage fuels her power, and she experiments with using it to communicate outside her world.

Through the sphere, Liora establishes contact with Stephen and transports him to Marindal, where he is detained by Thirvar as soon as he arrives. The lovers must work together and independently to flee his domain, and she promises to help Stephen find a way back home. Along their path to freedom, Stephen learns hidden tales of Marindal’s history, while Liora must reconcile with her tragic past. Will their love survive the journey?