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The Hummingbird and the Hawk

Enchant & Excite Media LLC 2024

Olivia submits to her boss, but who’s really in control?


The Hummingbird and the Hawk is sexy and spicy, with a beautiful, powerful female main character. Well done, Thea Landen.

- A L, Amazon Reviewer

A great, adventurous story with a lot of wit and spice. It took me a bit to get into it, but once it grabbed me it grabbed me hard and I enjoyed every single bit of it. Definitely a story that turns up the heat.

- Lacrima Mundi, Goodreads Reviewer

Gavin is known for two things: success as a criminal defense attorney and whirlwind romances. When former prosecutor Olivia enters his law firm to apply for a position, his attraction to her is instant. Despite their age difference, he has to have her.

Olivia may be the youngest employee at her new job, but she’s not going to let anyone push her around. Although Gavin is her much older superior at the office, she gives in to his advances and lets him believe he has control over her body as well as her career. They embark on a tempestuous relationship, with Gavin testing her boundaries at every opportunity.

When a stressful trial and a colleague’s criticisms rattle his confidence, however, Olivia jumps at the chance to change the dynamics between them. It’s her turn to dominate him, but will Gavin submit?