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Train Hard, Rest Harder

Enchant & Excite Media LLC 2023

Julia’s husband sends her away for a surprise long weekend with their personal trainer with instructions to do anything she needs to relax and de-stress.



In just 100 pages, Thea has presented an enticing and believable scenario, fully realized characters with aspirations and histories and emotions…and still manages to deliver the spicy encounters for which she’s so well known.

- evan austin, Goodreads Reviewer

This book was great from beginning to end. The words Thea uses to describe the passion and heat in her scenes is breathtaking. The pacing is pitch perfect and this book is very well written.

- Jamie Lust, Amazon Reviewer

Thea does it again with a great little read. Saucy but fun, intelligent and athletic. A delightful read.

- Nelson Brooks, Goodreads Reviewer

Between her fast-paced career and managing her household for her family, Julia is always on the go. Her busy schedule leaves little time for her to pursue her own interests and hobbies, save for one activity: the gym she attends with her husband, Rob. The high-intensity classes they take allow her to destress, yet, as with every other aspect of her life, she constantly pushes herself to achieve her fitness goals.

Afraid his wife is at risk of burning out, Rob conspires with Tristan, one of the trainers at the gym, and forms a plan in order to encourage Julia to take a break from all her obligations. They present her with their scheme, informing her how she and Tristan will be staying at his family’s secluded lake house for a long weekend, during which she is under strict orders not to cook, clean, or answer any messages from work. As she processes everything they’ve plotted behind her back, Rob privately tells her he’s noticed her attraction to their trainer. To her surprise, he grants her permission to do anything she wants with Tristan during their weekend together…anything.

They embark on their trip, and Julia wonders if she’ll be able to disconnect from her responsibilities and relax for a few days. She also contemplates whether she can be intimate with another man, despite Rob’s reassurances. Will this weekend with her trainer fulfill all her fantasies?