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Rebel in Chains

Enchant & Excite Media LLC 2024

Those who defy the Zenith Federation are publicly punished. Will Amara submit?


Ohhh Amara! The lovely tortuous erotic pain inflicted brought so many enticing thoughts.

- Dro, Amazon Reviewer

Corruption and injustice plague the star system ruled by the Zenith Federation, and Amara vows to put an end to their regime. She joins a group of rebels hoping to overthrow the organization, helping them plot a mission to take control of the Federation’s largest base.

Cyrus, one of the top-ranked officers of the Zenith Federation, is quick to eliminate any threats to his power. Rumors about the enigmatic leader’s cruel and unethical methods have circulated throughout the system and beyond, inspiring fear in his subordinates.

Despite her association with the rebels, Cyrus can’t fight his attraction to Amara. He insists on interrogating her, instructing his team to find a way to bring her to his quarters. She could provide the perfect opportunity to show the others the consequences of defying the Federation, but will Amara submit to him?