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Sweet Escape

Enchant & Excite Media LLC 2021

While fleeing the soldiers responsible for unleashing a deadly disease, Wes and Leila hide in a bakery in a deserted town. Wes prepares a chocolate cake with the supplies he finds, but does he have something else in mind besides the sweet treat?


This was a short setup and quick scene with just enough motivation and setting to hold it. The scene was believable, feeling, and pulled out the right sensations. Well done.

- EL Montague, Amazon Reviewer

A deadly disease has swept through Leila’s hometown, followed by the soldiers who unleashed it. When she attempts to escape from them, she’s rescued by Wes, a stranger fleeing a similar situation who shows no hesitation when killing her pursuers to save her life. Wes is a man of few words, though the little he shares and the skills he demonstrates make Leila believe joining him is her best chance at survival. They travel together, evading their enemies and searching for fellow survivors. Their journey leads them to a deserted town, where Wes chooses an abandoned bakery to rest for the night. To Leila’s surprise, he reveals himself to be an accomplished baker, and prepares a chocolate cake for them to share out of the meager supplies he finds. The unexpected treat brings up wistful memories of the past, but as Wes begins to let his guard down around her, she realizes the future may not be as dismal as she expected…especially after he makes his attraction to her known.