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The Deeper We Go

Enchant & Excite Media LLC 2022

Charlie reveals a secret to Emma that makes her reconsider the future of their relationship, but will his secret wind up saving her life?


This was sweet and spicy, a quick little read. I love that the shifter wasn’t ashamed of who he is and the fmc realizes it doesn’t matter to her. A fun take on shifter romance.

- selkiepunk, Amazon Reviewer

This was a fun departure from my usual tastes! Very sexy heat and also a sweet little love story. Read this!

- Shelly Bradley, Amazon Reviewer

An enjoyable short read with a twist. I laughed a couple of times as the story unfolded. All and all it brought many smiles and a few oh my.

- C.S. Latu, Goodreads Reviewer

Emma is thrilled to be dating Charlie and wants to take their relationship to the next level. When he invites her over to his apartment, however, he surprises her with a confession: he’s a shapeshifter. Though he claims he can mostly control when he changes into an animal, she asks for some time to process what he’s revealed.

Anxiety and indecision plague her as she considers whether they have a future together. While she searches for answers, an unexpected incident puts her life in danger. Charlie can be the hero she needs, but is Emma ready to accept him in every form he takes?