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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Sneak Peek!

As I try to crawl out from beneath my mountain of work and try to ignore the fact that I am SO not prepared for Christmas yet, I figured I might as well toss up a quickie blog post. I don't have a release date yet for Second Skin, my first novella for Decadent Publishing's popular 1 Night Stand series, but I DO have a preview of the cover. And it's pretty awesome.

This is my first big(-ish) project in a contemporary setting, though there's still plenty of action. (Yes, action and action. ;) ) I won't give away too much yet, of course, but I'll mention that the grapes are there because a lot of the book takes place at a winery, and the sunglasses...well, let's just say our heroine is a bit of a badass. I like this.

On the writing front, the Disintegration sequel is still coming along nicely, though it's had to take a little bit of a backseat to the day job lately. The desert is still hot and steamy, Ro's still a pain in the ass, and there's plenty of sass and snarky banter to go around. Life is good. I'll write more about the progress there when we're not all distracted by the shiny new cover.

If I don't manage to check in before then, I hope you're all having a fabulous holiday season and you finish out 2013 with a bang!

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Few Little Tweaks

If this is your first time clicking through in a while (which it probably is since I've been lazy when it comes to new posts), you've likely noticed that things look a little different around here. The new banner is an updated version of the artwork Boobulon did for me when I ordered some magnets a while back; in preparation for some upcoming events, I ordered some more promotional materials with the new image, and I figured I might as well tie everything together.

In my promotional plannings, I decided I needed a [new] tagline. The old one was sort of done as a quick joke when I first started this blog/site, but now it's time for SERIOUS BUSINESS. (Or as serious as I get, anyway...which regular readers will know isn't that serious at all.) Boobulon and I brainstormed for a long time one recent night, trying to come up with something creative and punchy that would let readers know exactly what they're in for if they picked up something I've written. And then after all that brainstorming and polling a couple other friends...I wound up going with what I pulled out of my butt to use as placeholder text when designing the new materials.

I really shouldn't have been surprised. I mean, how often does that happen while writing? You slave over a certain sentence/paragraph/scene/chapter making sure everything is exactly perfectly right and then stuff you whip out at the speed of light without thinking about it later turns out to be brilliant. Is this the greatest tagline there ever was and ever will be? No, but it gets the job done and I have other things to spend my brainpower on (like getting that sentence/paragraph/scene/chapter exactly perfectly right).

So hopefully things look a little more updated and polished around here. I seriously doubt these minor tweaks to the hub of my online presence will suddenly turn me into a best-selling author, but it was time for a change and I like consistency. And when playing around with colors, I realized I also like and have a special fondness for the dark purple script, so assume that's staying around FOREVER.