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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

An Excellent Reason to Take a Little Break!

I've been working mainly on some shorts (just to keep in shape, nothing I'll post here) and holding off on starting my next book because I knew I would need to take a break around this time. It's for good reason, though - we bought a house! I'm a homeowner! Yay! (with a little bit of "eeek!" thrown in there)

The rest of this week and next week will be devoted to moving allllll our stuff, cleaning up the apartment, retrieving everything we stored at my parents' house, and setting up the new place. There might also be a couple days when I disappear from the internet entirely when we switch the accounts over. (Days without the internet? I hope I survive! Though that might be a fine time to get some writing done.)

I have all these great visions of sitting out on the deck, a pleasant breeze drifting by, with a cool drink in my hand as I write. Granted, it might be a more quaint picture if I were the pen-and-paper type of person, but it'll still be nice enough when I drag the laptop out there. The neighbors' kids might be screaming and their dogs might be barking, but I don't care. I'm just glad to finally have a deck and a backyard!

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