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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Gifts of Love Winners

The Holiday Gifts of Love Blog Hop has come to a close, and we have some winners to announce! Congrats to Kym, who won e-copies of Searching the Skies and The Edge of the Sphere on this blog, and to Aimee, Laura, and Debbie, who won a Kindle Fire, an Amazon gift card, and the swag pack, respectively!

I generally try to keep this blog lighthearted and fun, but throughout the duration of this blog hop, I couldn't help but think of current events; it just doesn't feel right to not somehow acknowledge the tragedy in Newtown, CT. I'm horrified and heartbroken, and scared because I don't know what the solution to these problems are. Plenty of other people have spoken far more eloquently on this topic, so I'll keep my remarks simple, and try tie them into the spirit of this blog hop: I loved reading all the answers to the question about romantic gifts, and it brought me some holiday cheer during this rough time. So many of you have received amazing gifts, not only in the gifts themselves, but by having such warm and caring people in your lives. No matter what or how you're celebrating this winter, if you can treasure those closest to you and be with them, you're automatically a "winner". Happy holidays! 

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