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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Six Sentence Sunday!

(Today's the last day for the New Year's Blog Hop! Don't forget to leave a comment with your email on this post to be eligible for the prizes!)

I'm finally wrapping up the three Disintegration prequels (which will be released extremely soon). Here's a six-sentence snippet from the last one:

He’s coming back from the city today, and I don’t want to greet him looking like...well, looking like his mechanic just gave me a good, hard fuck.”

“You did always have a way with words.” Devan removed his hand from the inside of her blouse. “I understand, even if it means you’ve been getting me all riled up for nothing.”

“I didn’t say that.” In an instant, she whirled around and reversed their positions, shoving him against the tree. 


  1. Great six! Love the light banter between them.

  2. Wow. I love lines that can capture a character's personality instantly. You painted such a great picture of them both.

    1. Thanks! Ro (the female MC whose name isn't mentioned here, derp) is one of my most favorite characters. She's always fun to write for!