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Thursday, June 13, 2013

This is Not Trope-tastic Thursday

After thinking it over for a bit, I've decided that Trope-tastic Thursday is going on hiatus for the summer. It's been a fun weekly feature, and it does help me feel like I'm not totally slacking off on the blogging, but one of my freelance writing jobs just started up again and my summer music gig is also just around the corner, so something's got to give.

I promise to be a good little blogger and actually try to write non-themed posts here more often. I'm still merrily writing away on my works-in-progress, and the list of stories I want to write never seems to shrink. I'm sure there's plenty of post fodder to be found in there. I'm the type of person who does better when she's busy, but I also try to be careful about committing to too much at one time. Don't take this as a "Goodbye, cruel internet!" or a /RAGEQUIT post. ;)

I'll do my best to keep things interesting around here, and I hope to resume TTT around mid-August or so. Until then, watch out for those sneaky little writing traps!


  1. A summer music gig! That sounds fun!

    It's always good to take a break from things now and then, especially when you're busy.

  2. I've actually wondered if I should start up some kind of themed posting. My dog blog is so easy because frequently, my posts can be governed by Blog Hops (there is at least one for every day of the week, sometimes more).

    I'll still be checking in ;) I hear you, on the "list of stories to be written". More keep rearing their heads.