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Monday, October 21, 2013

Sounds Like Falling in Love

Work is still work, and today I had to travel an hour away for my job. It wasn't terrible, since there's no traffic out in cow country, and the autumn leaves are rather nice.* It also helps that I don't have to drive that distance for work every day.

(*If my husband pronounces "foliage" as "foil-age" one more time, I'm going to whack him with a dictionary.)

A ways back, my favorite CD went missing. I actually thought I might have left it at my old job, and when I finally gave up on finding it, I replaced it digitally. OBVIOUSLY it turned up when we moved last summer. It got put back into the rack and I haven't managed to sit down and listen to it for a while.

The professional musician in me has always thought Aaron Copland is the quintessential American composer, so what better soundtrack for my drive through the countryside? Damn, I do love that CD. It was a good choice.

So to tie this into writing - one of my favorite tracks on there is one of the four dances from Rodeo. To me, it's always sounded like falling in love, if that makes any sense. (Which is sort of what's going on plot-wise in the actual ballet, though there's a dose of unrequited love and sloppy seconds.) I know that my chosen genre of erotic romance could be considered more fiery and romantic, but while I'll always love my smut, it's good to remember the sweeter parts of a blooming relationship!

And regardless of sweet vs. spicy, I still think there's plenty of passion in this piece. Oh, Copland, my love for you is eternal.


1 comment:

  1. That song is really pretty. :) I love classical music. And going to the ballet. I totally see what you mean in the song, I had a montage playing in my head of a couple running around and getting to know each other. :)