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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

It's always so wonderful to log in to Blogger and see right at the top how long it's been since my most recent blog post. Hahaha NOT. According to that lovely little header, it's been over ten days since my last post, so I figured I might as well write about something.

It wasn't a very productive writing week. No, wait, let me rephrase that. I didn't write shit.

To be fair, I did do some proofing and editing, but not nearly enough to feel good about myself. I'll admit that I've been caught up in watching the Olympic coverage and I don't write too well when the TV is on. The other major deterrent over this past week has been the amount of work my day job dumped on me. I finally feel like I'm starting to climb out from beneath it and I hope to get some good writing done over the next couple days. (And let's face it, the money doesn't hurt either.)

I think I've mentioned a couple times that I work in the legal field (which is about as specific as I want to be here). While some days can be fairly average and/or boring, I'll also say that I've heard some crazy things. This past Tuesday was one of those days where I just came home absolutely wiped, but with a pretty outrageous story to tell.

People frequently joke that workers in my profession could write a book about everything that happens. I suppose it would be possible for me to incorporate work stories into my fiction, but I'd really rather not. Firstly, the vast majority of the time, I don't deal in happy matters. Now, obviously not everything I write is all sunshine and roses, but I'd rather choose my own original flavors of drama and angst. Secondly, it's true what they say - truth is stranger than fiction. In case the bolded text up there didn't emphasize it enough: crazy. You can't make this stuff up. Thirdly, though I dabble in it sometimes, I don't write a whole lot of contemporary fiction (she says as she has a contemporary release coming out next week) and I think it would be a stretch to insert a lot of those scenarios into my own worlds.

I'll concede there could be a lighter, fluffier side of the law. I mean, by now there must be stories out there about what really happens in the judge's chambers, or opposing attorneys' eyes meeting across the table after a contentious argument and then the sparks start flying. I could write one of those stories, but for now, I think I'll stick to my cyborgs and spaceships. I like them, and they help me escape the drearier parts of my career.

(All that's left is sitting down and actually writing....)


  1. Real life can be crazy. I don't get any interesting stories where I work ever. It's retail though and most of the people are just annoying. There is one interesting person who comes in who I think I could incorporate into a story. He reminds me of that character from peanuts, the one who's always dirty no matter how much he might (or might not) scrub himself. Lol!

  2. I sympathize! I work at a public library, and will probably never write a real world book centered around libraries. Speculative, yes, but all of my longer works have been speculative. Every last one. I just can't literary-icize (not a real world, but you know) for that long, or I don't want to. Whichever.

    I'm making inroads into my own space books, just started chapter one of one of them yesterday!

  3. I work retail and though the stories I have are...entertaining, they're not anything to write about. If I did write them, they're not particularly flattering toward humankind. I didn't write crap this past week either.