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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Interpersonal Relationships

In between working on promotion stuff for Out of Orbit (watch out for cool stuff in August!), I'm slowly but surely plugging away on Seductive Suspect. It's still too early for a really good estimate, but if I had to guess, said estimate would be I'm somewhere between a quarter and a third done. Probably closer to a third, but who's counting?

As I've mentioned previously, this book has the largest cast of anything I've ever written. Something I noticed when writing The Fall of the Midnight Scorpions, which also had a lot of major characters, is how it's interesting to see how the relationships between some of the characters develop. I mean, I primarily write romance, so obviously there's going to be a capital R Relationship between the two leads. But it would be unrealistic if the other characters never interacted with each other, and it's worth spending some time developing that.

Aside from the main Relationship, I didn't really plan for those other interactions. As I started writing and the characters came to life, it sort of just happened naturally. Which isn't a bad thing at all; we always want our writing to be natural! At this point, Laura despises Dylan, who is completely oblivious to her feelings. He, in turn, doesn't like Paul. Paul knows, but doesn't care. And lest you think everyone hates each other, Ruth is very protective of Brittany and tries to help her out when she can. Need a flow chart yet?


Okay, not *everyone*.


  1. I love writing interpersonal relationships---the thing I'm writing right now will need a flow chart of relations when I'm done with it. But it creates conflict and conflict creates story, so there.


    I love it when things flow naturally. ^_^
    A flow chart sounds kind of fun though. I might make a really rough chart the next time I'm procrastinating. Which is, of course, never...

  3. I tend to avoid romantic interest in my stories/novels, I've realized. Or the romantic interest of one person realizes it puts them in a place of power and manipulates that. It's something I need to work on, I think, more attractions and more complicated friendships, etc.