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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Lazy Summers

I know today is the first official day of summer, but we've already had quite a few hot days up here in New York. (And just think, not long ago we were complaining about the brutal winter! We're all so predictable.) I've been plugging away on the WIP, but after a good start, I've lost some momentum.

I started thinking about previous years, and I realized that for some reason, I've never really gotten a lot of writing done during the summer. Going away on vacation is one part of it. I'd like to say getting out of the house and enjoying the warm weather is another part, but that would be a lie. (More on that later.) Maybe it's the former teacher in me, and summer is supposed to be the time to relax and take a break from more stressful things. Or perhaps it's just like my natural inclination to write at night, maybe I just do better in colder weather? :P

The way things have worked out the past couple years, though, is I've usually had something to edit over the summer. (I guess editors don't take the summer off!) At least it makes me feel like I'm doing something writing-related. The words always get onto the page eventually, but hopefully I can knock out quite a few before September rolls around.

And since I mentioned it up there, another contributing factor to me being too tired to write some nights is for various reasons, I've decided I need to be more active. A lot of my hobbies—like writing!—involve being plopped on a couch, and while I could get away with that when I was younger, I know I need to be moving more. I actually joined a gym/started taking fitness classes (Orangetheory, if anyone is interested, and I love it!), and have been scooting out early in the mornings for walks/jogs around the neighborhood whenever my schedule allows. I know it's good for me, but some days, I'm just tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired and don't want to do anything but loaf around on the internet. If someone figures out a way to write and jog at the same time, let me know!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I've been trying to be more active as well in addition to working some *interesting* hours so I'm just tired, too. And it's getting humid, which is disgusting.