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Thursday, September 20, 2018

More Than Filler

I'm still plugging along on Sonata for Springtime, though between promo for Closing Montage and life in general, it's been slow. By my estimation, I think I'm around a third of the way done, which isn't too shabby. But since I write in order, I'm at a point that's a tad less exciting than the chapters around it.

Obviously, I want the book as a whole to be exciting, or at least enough to keep the readers engaged and satisfied. And it's not like the entire book's plot can be climax after climax. (Insert erotic romance joke here.) Pacing and moving things along between the key points, though, can be a challenge.

The previous chapter is the longest so far, and probably one of the most significant ones. I have an outline, and there's a lot of good stuff coming up in the next three chapters that I'm looking forward to writing. Unfortunately, I can't just jump ahead to the good stuff, as it would be jarring and mess with the pacing. Besides, there needs to be some aftermath to the GREAT REVELATIONS! of that prior chapter. I just need to make it interesting.

I hate the idea of writing "filler", but sometimes you just need to connect the dots and move from Point A to Point B. Will anything particularly noteworthy happen in this chapter? Probably not. But as long as it doesn't drag down the pacing too much, I'm fine with its function of bridging the gaps between more crucial scenes. As one of my college professors once said (about something unrelated, admittedly), you're never going to make an apple out of a potato. It is what it is.

1 comment:

  1. I can’t write out of order. My brain doesn’t like that. I wrecked a book last year because I skipped over all the “filler.” Turns out all that filler had crucial character development. At least I figured it out. Lol! Cheers to figuring things out!