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Sunday, February 17, 2013

And the Productivity Takes a Hit

That time has come again - I am spending most of my free time not writing, not knitting, but losing myself to a game. I finally got the first Mass Effect working, and while I'm not madly in love with it yet like I was with Dragon Age 2, I'm getting the hang of it and it's enjoyable so far. I will still be writing and knitting and, you know, acting like a responsible adult when I have to...but there's still going to be a lot of gaming around here. I've already decided to look at it as 1) recharging my batteries and 2) getting inspiration from an alternate mode of storytelling. ;) Whatever justification works, right?


  1. Holy smokes, I LOVED Dragon Age 2 so hard! I wasn't as in love with Mass Effect, and though we have them at my house, I haven't played them myself. Skyrim is an occasional timesink for me. Our weekends are also largely filled with tabletop role playing games, which can be VERY inspiring for writing, both of the gaming and non-gaming varieties.

    1. I blogged about my DA2 love a while back in this post, though that's probably just the tip of the iceberg. Snippets of it have worked its way into my writing - I named a book character after the friend who introduced me to the game, and was tossing around some options for the character. My friend wanted him to die violently, and that worked out well. Method of death? We say he "got Fenris-ed". :D

      I've never really done tabletop games, though I have participated in some text-based RP games online here and there. I'm currently running one based out of the aforementioned book universe. Fun! (And inspiring! I hope!)

  2. I totally agree. Play on! (In moderation, of course. ^_^)
    I have a couple ideas that were inspired by video games. And your brain uses that time to recoup and come up brilliant ideas or fill plot holes. I get carried away quite a bit in Sims land myself.