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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Half Navel-Gazing, Half Kissing My Own Butt

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There are a couple questions and topics tossed around the writing forums I frequent that make me scratch my head, mostly because I don't have good answers. They deal with measuring success and ultimate goals. The best I can muster is a bewildered shrug of the shoulders and a super-eloquent "...I dunno?"

I'm a published author. Many people would label that as being "successful". I've made money (though not tons of it) from things I've written. I've gotten good reviews, and some not-so-good reviews. I have this blog, a facebook page, and a twitter account, and I'm gradually learning how to use all three of those to my benefit. (Twitter's a little rough, and I sometimes neglect it, but I'm working on it!)

Getting my work out to readers and building that elusive audience continues to be among my goals, and I don't think the challenge will ever really go away. I'm a realistic person, and while it's fun to dream, I know I'm never going to make it on to the NYT best-sellers list or make a living off my writing. (And quite frankly, I don't want this to be my full-time job. I think there would be way too much pressure, and my writing might suffer.)

Writing can be fun, and it can be pull-your-hair-out frustrating. Same goes for navigating the world of marketing and publicizing said writings. There are great moments, and there are not so great moments.

This has been a good weekend, so I'm choosing to embrace it for what it is and revel in it, for who knows when the next great moment is going to come along. Disintegration: The Prequels has gotten a glowing review over at Mei Writes. My facebook page now has over 100 likes. Yesterday, I received an acceptance letter and contract for a short story I submitted to an anthology. The Big Book of Orgasm will be out from Cleis Press in September, and I'll be able to walk into a bookstore and pick up a hard copy of something with my nom de plume in the credits.

And now for my overly-schmaltzy and introspective declaration: even when things are going well, I think it's important to always strive to do better. Sure, the good news of this weekend provided some motivation to keep writing and thinking about future ideas. Next weekend may be shitty, but I'll keep slogging through anyway. No matter what happens, I'm grateful for everyone who reads my words (here and elsewhere), regardless if you've been with me since the beginning, or this is your first day passing through. May we all have more great moments than depressing ones!

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  1. I always think that if things are too easy they don't feel like they're worth very much. It's so much more rewarding to over come the things we think we can't do. Good post.