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Friday, July 5, 2013

Defying the Skies Release!

What better way to celebrate the holiday weekend than with a brand new release?

I'll admit that when I first saw the cover, I had some mixed feelings about it, namely about Geneva's...uh...lack of pants. Yeah. However, after I marinated on it for a little while, I've decided that this is pretty damn cool. Would pants be more helpful in taking out a slew of space terrorists in their hidden lair? Maybe. But Commander Geneva Greyson is just so much of a badass, she can kill you without pants. Yup. I'll elaborate on all my feelings more in a future post, but for now, let's just marvel at that sweet weapon of mass destruction.

The book's out at DDP and Amazon as of rightthissecond. Since plenty of people are out and about this weekend, I'll hold off on the celebratory giveaway until sometime next week. Until then, have an official blurb!

In addition to her distinguished career with the Terran military, Commander Geneva Greyson has finally achieved harmony in her personal life. Her renewed relationship with her mother has grown stronger and she’s settled into a comfortable arrangement with the two men she loves. Marcus confesses a dark fantasy to her while she’s on leave from duty—not only does he have feelings for her, he’s developing an attraction to Ash. He begs Geneva not to reveal his secrets before Ash arrives to spend the weekend with them. 

The officers return to their posts after a relaxing, decadent visit. They learn of a distressing event upon completing a week-long mission: A terrorist group has organized a strike and taken hostages in their efforts to attract attention to their cause. When Geneva discovers Marcus is listed among the missing, she disobeys her orders and sets out to join the reconnaissance team with Ash by her side. Will they find Marcus before it’s too late for him to affirm his desires?


  1. Congratulations on having another book out there!
    I like the cover, too. It looks very science fictiony and bad-ass.

  2. Dude, it's cold in space ;) I do thoroughly envy her badassness and her hair color.


    1. Thanks! (And yeah, I did go out of my way to describe how cold one of the space locations is...oh well!)

    2. Maybe that's just further illustration of her badassitude?

      "Yeah, I know it's cold. But I'm wearing my combat onesie for better maneuverability."