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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day Hook!

It's Wednesday! This week, I'll be presenting a special Hump Day Hook to coincide with my latest release, Defying the Skies. Once you're done reading the hook (and the other fabulous hooks this week), be sure to enter the giveaway, because I'm giving away two free e-copies!

Marcus is missing and Geneva is pissed. Watch out!

The armed guard stood with his back to her. She crept towards him, taking care not to draw his attention. Chase’s eyes widened when he spotted her, but he said nothing to reveal her presence. When she was close enough to reach her target, she lunged forward and grabbed his arm.

She twisted the joint as she pulled the limb back, hoping the gun wouldn’t discharge. A swift blow with her elbow succeeded in making him drop the firearm. She pinned his arms behind his back with one hand, unsheathed one of her daggers with the other, and held it to his throat. “Open the door,” she ordered.

He didn’t move.

“Do it.” She gave him a nudge with her knee. “Or else it’s your time that’s running short.”

“Your friend wasn’t going to kill me, and neither are you.” The quiver in his voice suggested a lack of confidence.

Geneva applied more pressure to the blade, feeling it skim the outermost layer of his flesh. “Are you really so sure?” 

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