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Monday, September 2, 2013

Defying the Skies Tour!

Follow the tour!

What better way to celebrate a three-day weekend than with a blog tour! Check out all the sites that have been gracious enough to host me, leave them some friendly comments, and be sure to enter the giveaway! I'm giving away e-copies of Defying the Skies, the original Searching the Skies, plus prints of some brand-new artwork from Boobulon (that he's putting the finishing touches on)!

Sept 2: Snarky Mom Reads
Sept 4: Rose & Beps Blog
Sept 4: SinfulReads Blog
Sept 6: Book Reviews
Sept 7: Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
Sept 8: BookwormBridgette's World
Sept 10: Triad Literary
Sept 11: Naughty Bits' Book Reviews
Sept 12: Reader's Edyn
Sept 14: Sharing Links and Wisdom
Sept 15: Wicked Readings by Tawania
Sept 17: Dalene's Book Reviews
Sept 16: deal sharing aunt
Sept 18: Have Novel, Will Edit
Sept 20: Harlie's Books (Review)
Sept 22: Danita Minnis
Sept 22: For the Love of Bookends

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