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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Til Death Do Us (A)Part

It's September 1st, the seasons are changing, and that's as good of a time as any to start new things! A friend of mine, Elizabeth Lake, has kicked off her free online serial today, and I love it already. I'll be honest - zombies aren't totally my thing (though they're super-trendy now), but the description/blurb for this serial made the story sound irresistible:

When Madelyn Striker awakes on her wedding day, she has only one goal: make it to midnight without killing anyone. With an alcoholic sister, neurotic mother and busybody future mother-in-law all trying in their own way to steal the spotlight and drive her crazy, it’s a goal she’s not certain she can reach. Finding the groom and the maid of honor in the middle of a chapel tryst certainly doesn’t help.

Family intrigue falls to the wayside when a sick guest unexpectedly takes a chunk out of a member of the bridal party, and before long Madelyn is on the run. Stuck with a photographer’s assistant, her rapidly drying out sister and a handsome, mysterious stranger who may or may not be a third cousin once removed, she must make her way through a deteriorating city and avoid friends and neighbors who are suddenly Very Hungry.

It’s Maddie’s Big Day, and she has a new goal: stay alive.

The first chapter went live today, and I'm hooked. Right off the bat, the characters are already well-developed and highly-entertaining. Even though I know that the zombie apocalypse is going to start at any moment, I can't wait to read what happens next. Be sure to check out and follow Elizabeth Lake's 'Til Death Do Us (A)Part: Love (and Sex) in the Zombie Apocalypse!


  1. That is a really great blurb (and I do like zombies, when well done)!

    I wish I was good at blurb writing. Practice, practice.

  2. Zombies aren't my thing either, but it does sound interesting. I kind of love the idea of her day starting off stressful, getting worse, and then getting even worse. :)