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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Meet the Team - Mielle Markham

(from The Fall of the Midnight Scorpions)

Name: Mielle Markham

Role: The Explosives Expert

Country of Origin: Tektan

Known associates/affiliations: Previously served with the Tektani military

Greatest accomplishment: Received a perfect score on all her final exams during her military-based education

Biggest fear: Boredom

Additional information: Mielle and Zara (up next!) have been best friends since childhood. Though Mielle's tough and doesn't take any bullshit from anybody, Zara is her one soft spot.

Trivia: Mielle was fun to write, as she's conventionally beautiful and knows it, but it's not a big deal to her. Aside from a few brief comments from others as to whether or not the male teammates are attracted to her, she's one of the few characters with no romantic entanglements whatsoever. She's got better things to focus on, after all.

I also enjoyed writing her as not afraid or ashamed to be "girly" - she likes pink and sometimes wears dresses, etc. (It's never explicitly stated, but I'd imagine she blows out and styles her hair every morning.) I guess it's easy not to worry about liking what you like when you can blow things up with the push of a button! 

1 comment:

  1. Explosives expert is a great job! I love the combination of girly and blowing things up. Lol! She sounds awesome!