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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Meet the Team - Zara Thorne

(from The Fall of the Midnight Scorpions)

Name: Zara Thorne

Role: The Comm. Specialist

Country of Origin: Tektan

Known associates/affiliations: Graduate of Coral City University

Greatest accomplishment: Building devices and pioneering technology that (most of) her friends can't even understand

Biggest fear: Humiliation

Additional information: It's not specified in the book exactly what sort of skin condition Zara has; probably something along the lines of eczema or psoriasis. But, as Mielle says, we're not supposed to know about that (and Zara herself never directly acknowledges it).

Trivia: I guess I sort of set up a Betty and Veronica dynamic with Zara and Mielle without intending to. Oops. But just as every team needs some sex appeal, it also needs the shy, nerdy girl, too. Right? ;)

I don't always have people in mind when I create characters (either people I know or actors/actresses), but when writing Zara, and later helping with this artwork, I thought of actress Ariel Winter (from Modern Family) for some reason. 

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