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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hump Day Hook (with giveaway!)

Let's see how good my hooking skills are this week!

...wait. I should rephrase that. ;)

This hump day's hook comes from Departure, available for free at Smashwords. Don't forget to check out the hooks from the other authors listed on the main page!

“Don't get involved with a man who has kids! At your age, you need someone who will focus on you!” a coworker had once told her, only half-joking. As John was several years younger than her, Clio hadn't thought this piece of advice would be necessary. She was surprised, however, the first time he introduced her to “his girls”, as he called them. He had created both of them himself in his spare time and exhibited the same fatherly love and pride she’d seen in her friends who were parents. Their little family was a departure from the norm, yet Clio was able to accept the situation. Said acceptance didn’t prevent her from wondering when she would be able to start a family of her own. 

Like this hook (or even this story)? Tell me in the comments! One lucky commenter this week will get a free ebook of their choosing from my list!


  1. I Loved the robots in that story!

  2. Oooh, enticing. How did he create them and why?

  3. Android kids? Nice. Makes me wonder how human-like they are and if they have emotions. If she gets involved with him, I wonder if she'll be able to accept them as her own. Nice hook!

  4. I want to why he created them as well. And it seems Clio is thinking he has a problem with real kids, does he?

  5. Great hook! I like the tension between the acceptance of "his girls" and the discontent of not having a family of her own, which I took to mean a "real" family of her own. Since I haven't read the story, I was thinking that the "girls" were something like genetically altered beings, or clones, or something, but I gather from other comments that they are robots or androids. That's awesome! I like robots but it's definitely not the same as having human children...mainly because robots (presumably) have an off switch. ;)

    And then the captcha tells me to prove that I'm not a robot. LOL!

  6. Great hook! I love the idea of cybernetic children, very original! :D

  7. Oh wow, what a hook! Great one, Thea :D