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Sunday, May 26, 2013

[Working Title]

I've written about my title woes before. Even when I don't have a title for the book I'm working on, I still need something by which to refer it when I'm talking with friends, other than "that book I'm working on". And even when I do have a title, sometimes a snappier name comes up in conversation and sticks.

When I was writing Disintegration, I was discussing it with one of my husband's friends. I'd joked that it was going to be like "50 Shades of Grey meets RoboCop" and he said, "so...RoboCock?" From then on, it was ALWAYS RoboCock in casual conversation. (Except when discussing the prequels, for some reason.) Hell, if it hadn't been such a dark book, I might have considered it for the real title! Actually, I'd be very very surprised to learn there wasn't already porn out there with that name.

Readers of this blog are familiar with the issues I had coming up with a title for Defying the Skies. I just referred to it as "the StS sequel" or even just "the sequel". Boobulon decided to refer to it as nothing but "Searching the Threesome" until I got off my butt and came up with a real title (which, as you'll remember, didn't happen until it was time for me to submit it). Ah, friends....

For my WIP, I actually do have a title picked out. However, somewhere along the line when talking about it with my friends, this book has turned into THE LESBIANS. It must be said just like that. It's not even The Lesbians. It's THE LESBIANS. And all I can think of now is this series of recurring sketches from Saturday Night Live:

If you're looking for a point to this post, other than the crazystupid things that go on in my head and the heads of my friends, uh...well...I guess it just goes along with my life philosophy not to take things too seriously. I know there are plenty of writers out there who consider their works SRS BZNS and woe unto those who do not place the same weight on the words that flow forth from their fingers. Personally, I think those people are just setting themselves up for disappointment, but who am I to judge?

(I'll leave the judging to ROBOCOCK! Pew pew pew!)

1 comment:

  1. Oh, titles. Titles are hard. Not as hard as queries and blurbs, necessarily.

    Though it is fun to have totally bizarre-o "in your head" or "working" titles, too. I think it helps take some of the pressure off.